Cartomizer vs Atomizer

Cartomizer vs Atomizer

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Cartomizer vs Atomizer revolve around “mizers”. Whether it's the cartomizer or the atomizer, the ___mizers are the core of the electronic cigarette. This article does not prefer one over the other or pit cartomizer vs atomizer in a battle, we're only going to explain the differences between the two. We will take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of both so that you can make a decision based on your personal preferences. Just so you are aware, SmokeStik uses the newer cartomizer technology instead of the atomizer technology and we'll tell you why later.

Cartomizer VS Atomizer

The Differences Between Cartomizers and Atomizers


So let's get down to brass tacks. The atomizer came before the cartomizer and was a part of the first ever electronic cigarette. The atomizer is the middle part of a 3-piece e-cigarette, it sits between the battery and the cartridge. It's purpose was to connect the battery with the e-liquid cartridge. The atomizer would transfer the power of the battery onto a coil and vaporize the e-liquid in the cartridge as it drips down into it. So basically it's just a high tech connection between the battery and the cartridge.


Then came the cartomizer which was only utilized in e-cigarettes recently. The cartomizer, if you can't guess by the name, is a combination of the cartridge and the atomizer into one piece. The invention of the cartomizer led to the popular 2-piece models that many companies (including SmokeStik) use today. The cartomizer basically cuts out the middle man of the atomizer and puts the heating coil right into the cartridge. There is a poly-fill inside the cartomizer, it's soaked in e-liquid and holds it before it's used. The heating coil sits right in the middle of the filler and vaporizes the e-liquid that is soaked into it until the e-liquid is used up. You can then refill the cartomizer or buy more – they are both disposable and refillable.


Benefits of the Cartomizer


Cartomizers are a bit more convenient than atomizers because they are both disposable and refillable. Atomizers are only refillable. You can buy prefilled cartomizers that come in a variety of different flavors – that's a convenience that atomizers were never really able to give the e-smoker. Additionally, you can purchase empty cartomizers that you can fill with your own e-liquid. All you have to do is open the cap and drip the e-liquid directly onto the filler material. If you are busy and don't want to keep refilling, as you have to do with atomizers, you can simply dispose of the used cartomizers and buy more.


Another benefit of the cartomizers is their reasonable price. You can usually get a 5-pack of prefilled cartomizers for around $20. (SmokeStik even offers bulk deals where you can get four 5 packs for only $15 each). The convenience and low price of cartomizer technology mean that it's a great option for e-smoking on the go.


Drawbacks of the Cartomizer


The cartomizer is not the perfect solution, the 2-piece cigarette technology certianly has its drawbacks. Most notably is the fact that they can only be used for a few refills before they start to not work anymore – however this is easily fixed by buying a few more to replace them. Additionally, it is not particularly pleasant to mix flavors when refilling cartomizers. For instance, if the cartomizer was originally a coffee flavor and you try to refill it with cherry, you could end up with mix that doesn't taste like either coffee or cherry.


Benefits of the Atomizer


As great as the cartomizer is, there is a reason that the old school atomizers have not gone out of style. A lot of e-smokers are pleased with the performance of atomizers, regardless of the maintenance that is required to maintain them. Many of the 510 and eGo model e-cigarettes use atomizers that a lot of people love.


But perhaps the best thing about atomizers is that they do not need to be replaced as often as cartomizers. This means that you can keep vaporizing without having to order more – and a lot of veterans are used to the maintenace required to keep them going without having to order more.


Drawbacks of the Atomizer


There are definitely some drawbacks to e-cigarettes that use atomizer technology. Most of these lie in the fact that atomizers came before cartomizers and are a bit outdated. They can't hold quite as much e-liquid as cartomizers and they also require daily maintenance. You have to clean the atomizer out almost every night after use, so a lot of new e-smokers are turned off by that aspect of the process. Sometimes the atomizers will produce a “burnt taste” that 3-piece electronic cigarette users have come to dread.


So who wins Cartomizer vs. Atomizer?


When it comes down to it, the battle of cartomizer vs. atomizer all comes down to personal choices. Here at SmokeStik, we prefer electronic cigarettes that produce a similar experience to tobacco cigarettes as well as allowing users to use it on the go. We offer prefilled cartomizers that you can purchase and use without maintenance or that burnt taste. We've just added our brand new Flavored Cartomizers to the SmokeStik product line to supplement our popular tobacco and menthol cartomizers we now offer 4 other awesome flavors we are sure you are going to LOVE! Cappuccino, Vanilla, Strawberry and Cherry, all made with top-notch eliquid and to the high quality standard our customers have come to expect – you can check them out here.


If you're trying to figure out the difference between cartomizers and atomizers before you purchase something, or if you are simply curious about the difference between the two, we hope this article helped you find what you're looking for.


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