Everything You Need to Know about Clearomizer ce2

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What’s different about this cartomizer / clearomizer Ce2?


Out of all cartomizers that exist in the electronic cigarette market today, the clearomizer ce2 gets some of the highest approval ratings. One of the areas where this cartomizer beats most others is how easy it is to clean it. Cartomizers are generally designed for single use, however, many users of report using their cartomizers more than once. People are devising more techniques to help them reuse cartomizers but most of them are not as friendly as the clearomizer in terms of cleaning.

Unlike other cartomizers, the vapor has a shorter distance to travel to your mouth. This means that it is warm when it reaches the mouth. The cartomizer stays wicked during use until it runs out of liquid. The following are some factors that might reduce the cartomizer’s wicking ability.


Factors that might affect wicking


  • The middle seal of the cartomizer might affect cartridge refill. This might have been by design in order to prevent leakage but it also affects the ability of air to get into the chamber. This makes air to enter into the chamber only through the wick which reduces wicking of the liquid.
  • During cleaning a person might have to remove the bottom seal at the ceramic atomizer. This seal must be replaced properly or it might affect wicking.
  • It is not advisable to use thick liquids to refill the cartomizer. This is because thick liquids affect the clearomizer ce2 effectiveness in wicking.

Issues noted about the cartomizer

The vapor produced by the cartomizer slowly condenses inside the mouth piece. After several puffs the liquid becomes enough to drain out into the mouth when a person takes a puff. This can be corrected by blowing the mouthpiece after some period of use or changing to another mouthpiece. This is not common among all users of the e-cig and depends on many factors regarding how the device is being used.

The cartomizer bottom is made of plastic and people claim that it is very fragile. Its durability cannot be compared to others made of tough plastic or metal but it is quite durable when handled properly. A lot of pressure should not be applied on the sides and the cone should be used to protect it from bending.


Refilling the Clearomizer


Refilling has been one of the most difficult areas of using electronic cigarettes. The cartomizer excels when it comes to ease of refilling. The process is fairly simple. Supplied with the clearomizer is a flexible and thin needle which can be used with most syringes.

All you have to do is to fill a syringe with about 1.8ml of e-liquid and deposit it into the cartridge chamber through the refill hole.

Another area where the clearomizer beats the competition is cleaning. There are many videos that have been made on how to clean this cartomizer. These methods involve dismantling sensitive parts of the cartomizer and can cause damage to it. A simple cleaning method for the clearomizer ce2 is using the refilling method to flush it with hot water. It works just as well.

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