The Good, The Bad, and The Downright Ugly about the Clearomizer ce3

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The Clearomizer ce3 is another product hoping to compete among bottom-coil cartomizers. The cartomizer has big shoes to fill after the massive success of its predecessor. The original design of the CE model of cartomizer inspired the production of many alternatives based on the original design.

Clearomizer CE3 – First glance at the package

Just like the other CE models of the clearomizer, you get many items in the pack of the new model. The following are the items that you will find in the ce3 box.

  • The box has five ce3 clearomizers that may be of different flavors to suit the needs of any kind of smoker.
  • There is a syringe in the box with a cubic capacity of 2.5 ml. There is usually one syringe per box of clearomizer.
  • Each box has two fine-gauge blunt needles that are to be used to refill the cartomizer.
  • There is a rubber drip tip in every box.
  • There is a user manual that has refilling instructions for the clearomizer cartomizer.

Design and ease of use

The ce3 is conspicuously missing a rubber ‘bung’ that was present in the ce2 which required tweezers to remove in order to refill the ce2. This means that the ce3 is considerably easier to refill than the ce2. The refilling process is very similar in many ways but it is easier for the ce3 due to simple design changes.

The tube of the clearomizer is plain and lacks the moldings that have been seen in many CE models. The tube is made of plastic that is resistant to cracking which is a welcome improvement since many people reported that previous models were susceptible to cracking. In addition to the quality of plastic, the ce3 can be used with a standard drip tip which can be used instead of the usual rubber one that comes with the Clearomizer ce3. Inside the clearomizer is the new engine which resembles the one from the ce2 but is considerably different in terms of performance. The coil is at the bottom and it is attached to the battery connector. It has two wicks that protrude from the sides and notches that allow them to stick out from the cup.

The heating part of the assembly is covered by metal tubing. The cartomizer has a metal cylinder with a flange that slides over the coil. The flange makes it possible for the top part to completely separate the liquid from being in contact with the part with the coil.

Using the ce3 Clearomizer

The clearomizer produces a decent amount of vapor after a relatively short draw. The flavor of the vapor is clearly detectable regardless of the particular flavor that you decide to use. The cartomizer requires some break-in period in order to get the vapor production to a constant level and after this period it becomes completely constant. The bottom coil design of the cartomizer produces vapor that is hotter than most other devices in the class. One of the endearing qualities of the Clearomizer ce3 is vapor production which is quite good even when using 3.7-volt batteries.

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